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Looking for a property in Birmingham & the surrounding regions? We have got you covered. 


Our leading letting service operating area is Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a landlord letting out your first property or you have a vast property portfolio, the team at Agent Property Finder has a wealth of experience. We have had continued success in delivering for our clients. A thriving region for landlords, Birmingham offers an excellent opportunity for landlords looking for the ideal tenant, and we ensure that your experience is a hassle-free one that makes the entire process an easier one for you.


The Agent Property Finder team in Solihull works closely with landlords on the outskirts of Birmingham. You will find our office right in the heart of Solihull and means that we have an expert estate agent on hand that can aid you through the entire process. We can get someone out to you as soon as we can if you require a property valuation, and we ensure that we put all of our landlords and tenants in the best possible positions to let and rent.


Based in Solihull, our team of expert letting agents is just a phone call and a short drive away from any landlords and tenants looking to use Agent Property Finder. If you have a property in Shirley, Solihull, and the nearby areas, including Knowle, Dorridge, Wythall, and everywhere surrounding. We offer a service that is unmatched in terms of our experience and resources and means that from valuation to listing, our resources are unrivaled.

Castle Bromwich

Our Castle Bromwich fleet of estate agents offers a variety of property services for both landlords and tenants. We have worked out of Castle Bromwich for several years and know the region very well. We list properties within Shard End, Chelmsley Wood, Castle Vale, and the areas surrounding to ensure complete coverage of the region. Again, located in very close proximity to the city, we can get someone out to you if in need of a valuation or survey quickly.

Hall Green

We offer the highest level of service and try to have our teams located as close to the service areas as we can. Our team in Hall Green can get out to properties swiftly, and we work closely with new and existing landlords to ensure that we are continuing to deliver stellar service. We cover Hall Green, Shirley, Solihull, and all of the small areas in between to ensure that we continue to maintain our excellent standards for landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers.

Marston Green

We cover all locations in and around Marston Green for landlords and tenants. The Agent Property Finder team based in Marston Green cover areas, including Coleshill, Hampton in Arden, and Solihull for landlords that offer single or multiple properties. Marston Green is an area located very close to the airport, making it an area where there is a high demand from tenants looking for properties to rent.

Dicken Heath

Through our Shirley and Solihull branches, we offer properties to buy, sell, let, and rent for landlords and tenants in Dickens Heath. Just outside of Shirley town centre, this quaint village is the ideal spot if you are looking for a quiet lifestyle with everything you need just a short drive away. The convenient location being just outside of the town centre makes it very desirable for tenants, and if you are a landlord and own a property here that you are looking to rent, we have the solutions you will need. 

Kings Norton

Just a short drive from the city centre, Kings Norton is an excellent area for tenants and landlords looking to rent their property. A town filled with things to do with a train station that goes directly to Birmingham New Street, it is an excellent opportunity for people lettting or renting properties. We have experienced teams based around the Kings Norton area who can get out to your as soon as you need us to.

Chelmsley Wood

Agent Property Finder covers Chelmsley Wood as well as the areas surrounding like Marston Green and Castle Bromwich. Again, not far from Birmingham International Airport, this is an area where tenants can find affordable homes and landlords can find many tenant opportunities because of the location. Our team of experienced agents will be able to guide you in the right direction and use our experience to find the right fit for your needs.


Our guys based in Shirley and Solihull will be able to get out to you fairly quickly and find the right solution to your property needs. We cover Hollywood as well as Wythall, Truemans Heath, and the areas surrounding. With a local golf club and just a short drive from Shirley town centre, it makes it a very convenient and wealthy place to live with plenty of opportunities for both landlords and tenants. 


Located next to Hollywood and conveniently situated near our Solihull and Shirley offices, we offer letting and renting solutions for our customers in an area with plenty to do. We cover Yardley Wood, Warstock, Hollywood, and the neighborhoods that surround. The convenience of our team located in Solihull makes it a very suitable option for our customers. At Agent Property Finder, we are here to make the whole process as easy as possible for customers.

Acocks Green

At Agent Property Finder, we have a team based in Acocks Green that can look at your requirements and offer quick solutions whether you are buying/renting/letting/selling. Located just outside of Birmingham, we operate around Kings Norton, Selly Oak and the surrounding areas. We have much experience in this area and is an area where tenants are readily looking for places to stay because of the convenience of having Birmingham city centre just a short drive away. 


Our staff is committed to offering an unrivaled service. We specialize in properties around the Birmingham area, and Moseley is an area we know exceptionally well. We cover Kings Heath, Harborne, Edgbaston, and the surrounding areas. We aim to be as efficient as we can with every customer and try to make the experience as smooth as possible for landlords and tenants.


If you are a landlord looking to let your property in Northfield, we have a team based in Birmingham that can come out to your property and have it evaluated in the same day. At Agent Property Finder, we cover Northfield as well as the surrounding areas like Edgbaston and Kings Norton. Again, a fantastic area with plenty of opportunities for both tenants and landlords. We combine our experience with the very best advertising solutions to ensure that we find only the very best opportunities. 


At Agent Property Finder, we offer comprehensive property management in Worcester and the surrounding regions. Whether you are looking to rent or let if you are a landlord or tenant, our experienced team of estate agents can point you in the right direction and find you the very best opportunities. We operate in Red Hill, Bromsgrove, and Redditch as well as the surrounding regions to find the very best property opportunities for our customers. 


Our team operating out of our Northampton branch are on the ground to give our customers in this area the best service possible. We opened up this branch in 2020 to ensure we can give the very best service across our East Midlands regions. If you have any enquiries with any of properties in Northampton, give Robert White a call on 0781 202 8291 

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